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Make the most of the fresh produce you buy and ensure not just the maximum shelf life but the highest quality of food safety too.

Naturally sanitize your fruits, vegetables and protein foods using a mix of natural culinary herb extracts.

We ship this product as a concentrate with the essential oil components bound onto Acacia gum. The pouch of what are simply natural flavours comes ready to be made up to a full litre (33 fl oz) with warm (tepid) water to make a dipping solution for fruits, vegetables, salad greens, fresh herbs, sprouts and any meats and seafood. It is even effective at slowing the ripening of soft cheeses and will extend the life of cut flowers.

To use Herbal-Active Natural Food Rinse®, all that’s needed is to wet the surface of these foods with the solution and its powerful antimicrobial action will kill yeasts, bacteria, moulds and fungi in seconds. Amazingly, it is harmless to human cells and we consume the ingredients every time we use herbs and spices to flavour our food.

The reason this works is the way in which we combine the extracts and the exact proportion of each component.

Simple to use and very cost-effective, Herbal-Active Natural Food Rinse® will safeguard you and your family against food poisoning and will also extend the life of fresh produce washed in it. This will save way more than the cost of the Rinse in that you will reduce the amount of food you throw away because of rotting.

Herbal-Active Natural Food Rinse® can also be used on the skin for a quick and effective antiseptic wash. Good on scrapes, minor burns, cuts and abrasions and even to treat microbial infections such as tinea and acne.

When dipping cut flowers, the whole flower head can be dipped and ensure that the base of the stems are well wetted as bacteria growing on the cut surface can block the uptake of water and dehydrate the flowers.

The solution that our pack will make should last an average family around 4 to 6 weeks.

Herbal-Active pouch and spray bottle

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